Having worked with some of the biggest retail, media and hospitality brands in the UK, we pride ourselves on our ability to select the very best music for your brand. By drawing on our specialist knowledge and wealth of musical experience, our team of music profilers never fail to deliver a final product that compliments your brand perfectly, whether it’s music for film, television or music direction for an entire brand.


When working with large chains and high-end hospitality and retail brands, being a reliable solution is incredibly important. We ensure a smooth working relationship from the very beginning of a project. By delivering our music to a tight schedule, we create a worry-free working relationship with our clients, allowing them the freedom to concentrate on the other aspects of their businesses.


With our ever-expanding knowledge of music, both old and new; we at MAV Music offer a music supervision service second to none. We put our souls into playlisting and our passion for music runs deep in our work. By working closely with those at the core of each and every one of our clients and utilizing exclusive label ties, we can ensure a unique and original music service every time.


Percentage of increase in sales when playing the right music for your business


Percentage of managers/business owners that agreed playing music boosts makes staff happier and more productive


The percentage of bars, restaurants and clubs that agree the right music creates a better atmosphere


Percentage of consumers who agree that playing the right music makes them stay longer and spend more