MAV Music work with a number of sites operated by JKS Restaurants, the team behind London favourites including Gymkhana, Trishna and BAO. After a few issues with a previous music supplier, MAV were called into their new site Brigadiers around a month after it opened.

With the Brigadiers team unhappy with their previous music, MAV also stepped up to provide a temporary playlist for the visit of renowned food critic Giles Coren – who later described Brigadiers as being a ‘perfect place for music’.


Following this, MAV curated the entire Brigadiers profile, with custom playlists for daytime, evening, brunch as well as a bargrooves playlist.



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Click here or scan in the Spotify app to listen!
Click here or scan in the Spotify app to listen!

Funk and Soul


Brass Band


Indian Influenced



We worked closely with founder Karam Sethi to design a series of custom playlists which fitted his needs. The sounds of Brigadiers are diverse, ranging from funk and soul, through to brass bands.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the job however has been finding tracks which, like Brigadiers itself marry East and West, and we dug deep, finding a number of hidden gems including a number of ultra rare instrumentals.

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