In a city where fried chicken is practically a native tongue, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but that is exactly what cult-hit restaurant Chick’N’Sours has done, presenting cool interiors, edgy design, and of course, top class music.

With ex-DJs in their ranks, music-related artwork on the walls, as well as new sites in Spitalfields and Angel, the pressure was on for MAV to supply the party vibes and home-away-from-home feel to complement the chicken, cocktails and sides at Chick’N’Sours.


Consequently, we installed split playlists of day, evening and night cycles, with a generous mix of reggae, hip-hop and eighties classics in their new music-led venues. In contrast to some of our other clients, Chick’N’Sours wanted an authentic urban and fun sound, stressing an eclectic mix of genres to keep the tunes unpredictable, and that’s exactly what MAV has provided. You may be bobbing your head to some melodic Bob Marley early evening, but later belting out your favourite Talk Talk ballad.






Hip Hop





For Chick’N’Sours we installed a fun, urban mix of playlists that change through the evening, using reggae, hip-hop and some classic rock for an eclectic variety of genres that suits all tastes.

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