Fenwick is a name synonymous with quality and luxury, with high-end department stores across the United Kingdom.

For their 100-year-old tradition – the Fenwick Christmas window display – Fenwick called in MAV to produce a bespoke track for its opening and continuous use throughout the festive period. This was complemented by us providing a professional Santa Claus voice to accompany the track and is still playing at the Fenwick flagship store in Newcastle.


We also supplied a number of bespoke playlists for Femnwick’s Santa’s Grotto within very short deadlines, delivering exceptional music on SD cards. Whilst for the restaurant downstairs, delivered a mix of classic soul, funk and a bit of folk, the perfect, relaxed mix for grabbing a bite and relaxing after a hard day of shopping.











MAV arranged and produced an original, bespoke Christmas track for Fenwick’s Christmas window display which will play on repeat throughout the festive period. An important element of the track was sourcing an authentic Santa Claus vocal accompaniment, and this – along with the catchy tune – showed our commitment to providing a range of music solutions.


We made a number of bespoke playlists based around classic, soul and funk, Christmas sounds for Santa’s Grotto, to maintain a magical seasonal feeling. In the downstairs restaurant provided an uplifting mix of folk, motown and acoustic to aide shopper’s retail therapy. This was all provided within a very narrow time-frame but without compromising on the quality music we’re known for.

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