Kadie’s Club


Any exclusive and stylish West End cocktail club needs a cutting edge soundtrack to keep the clientele dancing until the early hours, and Kadie’s Club is no exception.

With lush interiors and high-end cocktails, Kadie’s Club is the perfect spot for some of London’s biggest names to let loose and enjoy themselves, so Kadie’s brought in MAV for an all round music overhaul.


This is a place where people appreciate their music, so MAV has curated a perfect, bespoke house DJ mix to set the vibes; after their previous background music provider didn’t make the grade. As Kadie’s General Manager Naomi Stagg complemented, “We were struggling to find the right music between our transition from early evening drinks to night club party and MAV certainly answered this problem”, adding that MAV is the “perfect answer for a boutique brand such as ours.”


In addition to bespoke playlists, we’ve also been supplying Kadie’s club nights with some of London’s premier DJ talent, bringing high-end house music and rare grooves to the party, with Naomi stating how the “first artist they introduced us to really blew us away and we will look to book them regularly.”


Moving forwards MAV and Kadie’s Club are looking to collaborate on Thursday club nights in 2020, combining great tunes and a beautiful setting for a boutique clubbing experience.




Deep House




Tech House



We’ve helped to curate a bespoke line up for the busiest Kadie’s Club night of the week, Saturday, from the eclectic MAV roster, with DJs providing the contemporary house beats Kadie’s is known for.


Using our expertise in house music we made a playlist full of tunes we wouldn’t be afraid to play in front of some of the world’s premier DJs, with a smooth transition from evening to night.

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