Middle Eight Hotel


The Shiva Hotel Group are bringing Middle Eight to Covent Garden, a varied and exciting hotel and apartment project comprised of multiple zones that all feature different, distinct styles of music. Middle Eight is situated on Great Queen Street, just a stone’s throw from Seven Dials, the Theatre District and Covent Garden Market, which are all replete with some of London’s finest bars and restaurants.

Though you may not want to travel even that far! Middle Eight is as luxurious as they come, when you enter you will find a gold reception room before the extravagantly detailed Sycamore Bar and Italian restaurant, and further up you enter the plant-laden mezzanine balcony. The Hotel also has a wonderful basement speakeasy, known as the QT Bar, which is filled with sounds of contemporary jazz and soul.


With a hotel and apartment complex looking this good, the hotel is more ‘Perfect Ten’ than ‘Middle Eight’.






Contemporary Grooves


Italian Music


Swing and Jazz


Music Supervision

MAV has had to dig into the archives for this eclectic array of music. In the QT bar basement we’ve supplied contemporary UK, vocal and older jazz numbers, in addition to upbeat jazz-funk and house for cocktail sipping and dancing at the weeks close. In the sycamore restaurant we’re providing classic Italo vibes and latin instrumental numbers. And the Balcony is infused with Middle-Eastern, Asian and low-key hip-hop instrumentals that are perfect for hanging out with friends or working to during day or night.

In the lobby are calming instrumentals and balearic sounds to really sell that holiday feeling.


When Middle Eight are up and running again we plan to fill the QT Bar with some of the finest DJ talent in London, especially those with an emphasis on jazzy house and bluesy beats, and we will also be arranging live musicians in the lobby for special events and welcomes.

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