Pantechnicon is a new four storey complex in Belgravia, which celebrates the food, drink, design and art of both Nordic and Japanese cultures.

Renowned for their progressiveness and innovation, Pantechnicon summises the best of these disparate but similar worlds, and the food is no exception. Eldr, the Nordic themed restaurant, brings extravagant steaks and fish dishes to the table, whilst the Nancy Singleton Hachiso inspired Sachi, delivers authentic, signature Japanese food with Pantechnicon’s signature elegance.


The complex also includes a number of bars and cafes where you can indulge in sake, inspired cocktails, or a spot of lunch, and the retail areas include a bottle shop for spirits, design products and prints.


The first British Cafe Kitsune – the electric music and fashion label – is a highlight, as is the roof terrace which is engulfed in plants and was designed by Finnish horticulturalist Taina Suonio. And of course these sites are best enjoyed with one of the high-quality cocktails mixed by the Nordic bar-staff.



Nordic Folk


Japanese Pop


Funky Jazz



It goes without saying that MAV were presented with something of a unique challenge in collaborating cultures and sounds for Pantechnicon. Over the four floors we have crafted music from and inspired by these two cultures, often consisting of experimental, warming and ambient sounds, as well as the sweet and uplifting pop music both places are renown for. A visit to Pantechnicon will not disappoint in terms of the sights, tastes, smells or sounds!

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